For your driversService and safety

You are in charge of your privacy

TOTAL FLEET Connect is primarily a working tool. For it to stay that way, you can disable geolocation at any time. Before and during personal travel in your vehicle. But also afterwards, once a journey has been made. This means you always have control over your privacy, in compliance with regulations in force.

Personalized coaching
for eco-driving and safety

Improve your driving every day and bring the game into your daily life! Your smart assistant analyzes your driving behavior to help you consume less fuel, reduce wear on certain parts, and increase safety at the wheel through regular, non-intrusive notifications. And because you learn faster when you’re having fun, TOTAL FLEET Connect enables you to compare your performance to that of your colleagues and delivers a drivers ranking every month*. Intelligent...
And absolutely addictive !

*For the sake of confidentiality, you can remain anonymous in the drivers ranking.

Maintenance managed automatically

Your safety also depends on maintaining your vehicle. When the time nears for manufacturer maintenance or mandatory inspections, TOTAL FLEET Connect will inform you and suggest making an appointment directly from the application. And if your manager makes the appointment for you, you will be notified automatically. For optimum vehicle monitoring, your smart assistant gives you the ability to add all your bills to the system, even for an unexpected fix.

A smart assistant in your pocket

TOTAL FLEET Connect will assist you on a daily basis to make your work easier and save you as much time as possible. You are always notified for emergencies and important information so that you can deal with everything in a timely manner. Your vehicle data and your driving information can be accessed any time, no matter where you are. More than an assistant, a partner !

Easily manage your expenses

No more messy voucher sorting for professional or personal travel. TOTAL FLEET Connect has an intuitive function for sorting your expenses when you travel. Your fleet manager automatically receives them in order to accurately calculate what you are owed and your benefits in kind. You will no longer put off dealing with your expense reports.

Non-stop communication

TOTAL FLEET Connect was designed to inform and be informed. Thanks to its built-in instant messaging capacity you can chat with your fleet managers and share many types of documents. If your vehicle breaks down or in case of a fender bender, a message or a photo of the damage will enable you to make the right decisions in record time. In parallel, you are notified of any action by your manager. And vice versa. All the information goes both ways and is completely transparent.

Practical services
before taking the road

Your smart assistant knows everything about your vehicle and your road environment. It can tell you what useful services you’ll find nearby, and find your vehicle in case of loss or loan without parking place information. In just two clicks.

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